Any force on the move, whether it's an army or an adventuring group, needs information about what's ahead and what's behind and, more important, time to prepare for battle. A scout can navigate difficult terrain at good speed, and she specializes in seeing her foe before the opponent ever detects her presence. In a dungeon or in the wild, a scout is seen only when she wants to be.

This is a base class and has 30 levels.

Class Features:

- Hit Die: d8

- Base Attack Bonus: Medium.

- High Saves: Ref.

- Weapon Proficiencies: All Simple and Rogue weapons.

- Armor Proficiencies: Light armor.

- Skill Points: 8 + Int modifier.

- Class Skills: Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Craft Trap, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Heal, Hide, Listen, Lore, Move Silently, Search, Set Trap, Spot, Survival, and Tumble.

Class Abilities:

Level 1: Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding
Level 2: Battle Fortitude, Uncanny Dodge
Level 3: Dash, Swashbuckler Dodge +1 AC, Trackless Step
Level 4: Bonus Feat
Level 5: Evasion, Sneak Attack +2d6
Level 6:
Level 7: Swashbuckler Dodge +2 AC
Level 8: Bonus Feat, Camouflage
Level 9: Sneak Attack +3d6
Level 10:
Level 11: Swashbuckler Dodge +3 AC, Improved Initiative
Level 12: Bonus Feat
Level 13: Sneak Attack +4d6
Level 14: Hide in Plain Sight
Level 15: Swashbuckler Dodge +4 AC, Skirmisher
Level 16: Bonus Feat
Level 17: Sneak Attack +5d6
Level 18: Free Movement
Level 19: Swashbuckler Dodge +5 AC
Level 20: Bonus Feat, Blind-Fight
Level 21: Sneak Attack +6d6
Level 22:
Level 23: Bonus Epic Feat, Swashbuckler Dodge +6 AC
Level 24:
Level 25: Sneak Attack +7d6
Level 26: Bonus Epic Feat
Level 27: Skirmish +1 AC
Level 28:
Level 29: Bonus Epic Feat, Sneak Attack +8d6
Level 30:

Scouts gain bonus epic feats at 23rd, 26th, and 29th level.

- Battle Fortitude: At 2nd level, a scout gains a +1 bonus on Fortitude saves. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th, +3 at 20th, and +4 at 29th.

- Skirmisher: At 15th level, a Scout is consider a master skirmisher and qualifies for feats which require this title (Epic Skirmish I - V).

- Free Movement: At 18th level and higher, a scout can slip out of bonds, grapples, and even the effects of confining spells easily. This ability duplicates the effect of a freedom of movement spell, except that it is always active.

- Skirmish: At 27th level, a scout gains a +1 dodge AC bonus.

Scout, Wilderness Stalker, and Swashbuckler levels stack for determining your Swashbuckler Dodge ability.

New Feats: Swift Ambusher, Swift Hunter